Banbury Community Action Group

Produce & Seed Swap

Banbury produce & seed swap: the gardener’s give & takeVery exciting news! We are planning a produce and seed swap.When? Saturday 15 August 2020, 11am – 2pmWhere? Bridge Street Community Garden, BanburyWhat is it? A simple exchange. You bring things you have spare; you take away things you can use.Share your excess homegrown produce, seeds, plants and gardening extras with people who will appreciate it! After all, one gardener’s glut is another gardener’s lunch.This is a money free, non-commercial event. No money will change hands – that said, donations are ALWAYS welcome to help meet event costs, and to help fund more activities.Please put the date in your diary and start thinking about what you could bring!What to bring?Surplus produce: fruit, vegetables, herbs…Plants: seeds, seedlings, bulbs, flowers, plants…Spare home-made treats: jams, jellies, chutneys, ketchups…Small not-needed garden-related items: pots, trays, trowels, netting, dibbers, unused gloves, kneelers, soil pH meters…Inspiration: gardening tips, seasonal recipes, optimism, appreciation, a smile…What will you find?Who knows? For certain, we don’t! No particular produce is guaranteed – but there will be a warm welcome and loads of enthusiasm!How does it work?Straightforward: you BRING your produce – it’s really helpful if it is labelled with what it is! – and leave it on a table; then you TAKE from the table of goods left by others. The idea is to try and make a balanced exchange: what you take should be a fair reflection of what you have given: make the balance feel right.
SO…Courgettes for an iris in a pot? Cerinthe seeds for a bundle of runner beans? Your favourite veggie curry recipe for a handful of plums? One of your five elderly trowels (you don’t need five) for a (suitably distanced) conversation about hay-bale gardening…Don’t have anything to swap? Bring a smile, good humour and a mission to join in, and trade that for a bag of tomatoes (if indeed, anyone else brings tomatoes…).No items to give? Consider other ways of giving: could you spare a little time, perhaps, to help look after the Community Garden? could you come and join in with any of our other projects?  Bank your time and take home a bunch of sweet peas…Why?To share delicious food, and beautiful plants, of course! To create friendships. To strengthen our community. To reduce waste. To promote urban sustainability. To celebrate home-grown and grow-your-own. To reflect on reducing our carbon footprint.“The more we can provide for each other locally, the closer we are to sustainability.”Confused?Then feel free to just drop in and see what it’s all about: we’d love to meet you.Don’t forget to bring a small box or bag with you, you never know what you will find!Safety guidelinesPlease consider wearing gloves and maintain social distancing at all times.We would prefer that you wear a face-mask, please.Only touch items you are going to take.Note: there are NO public toilets at the Garden: the nearest public loos to the Garden are in town.There is NO parking provision at the Garden