Banbury Community Action Group

Bridge Street Garden

Our Values

We value vegetable and flower growing skills from all cultures

Being able to share positive experiences and gardening knowledge

Creating a space that is fun, safe, inclusive and inspiring

Valuing the community and cultural diversity of Banbury




Aims & Objectives

To create a sociable space where people can connect with food and nature

To showcase a productive urban green space

Educate people how to grow their own food and the benefits of healthy eating

Produce food for people who need it

Enhancing links with other community groups and gardens



The garden is a perfect outdoor venue and resource for the Banbury community, if you have any upcoming events or projects and would like to use this space; suggestions are welcomed. The organisers of Banbury Friendship Festival have asked if they can use the garden for a third year running, it’s been that popular! We will also be working in partnership with the Kids Corner Cafe in 2019. Our aim is to enable families to discover the garden and enjoy this space through informal child friendly activities.

If you’re interested in meeting the fabulous team of existing volunteers, come along to one of our monthly winter meet ups at ‘Ye Olde Reine Deer Inn’ on Parsons St. The next one is on Wednesday 30th January 2019, 7:15pm start time.

Our regular Volunteer Gardening sessions which are held on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month have now stopped until 31st March 2019.

(check the events page or Facebook link below for further info)

Bridge Street Community Garden 2019 Dates are being drafted and will be confirmed at the January meeting.


 Bridge St Garden Progress