Banbury Community Action Group

July 2020 Meeting Notes

Agenda and Minutes for 7 July 2020

Attendees:Jim, Chris, Colin, Lynda, Steph, Harriet
Previous Minutes & Issues
Bridge Street Community Garden – update1) New project lead at BSC2) Update on Bins3) 6 people now allowed in the garden, social media notice4) Volunteer role advert to be copied onto Keith for volunteer Oxfordshire facebook and website pages.Harriet has completed the job spec/advert, leave hours as flexible.  Leave for now whilst we discuss with JakePossible interest from Jake Ellement (who originally set-up the garden)  Jim to get Jake to meet Harriet and Lynda.Should we have some representative(s) from CAG on the Bridge Street committee? Yes, we need to keep the strong link.Anna – social media, Dave – Planning and organising


Banbury Tree Grafting Workshop Tila to run in NovemberTila
TED CircleHow we can eat our landscapes – TodmordenCatherine Smith, Naseem Hussain and Jake Ellement expressed interest in the idea (Jake might be willing to help in Bridge St Garden again) Jim15 July 8pm
Replenish/Love food hate wasteSeed swap, bridge street garden. Speak to Anaise from CAG OxfordshirePOssibly combine with workshop to repair some beds, fix lawnmower etc.Lynda and Harriet15 Aug
Repair CafeBanbury Shed membersJim 
Give & TakeLynda and Harriet to lead. Others welcome to help with organising. Jim available to do repair stall.Lynda and HarrietTBA
Clothes SwapWomens clothe swap, with personal stylist guest speaker etcNeed volunteers, venue, promotion, mirrors, clothes racks, coat hangersTea and biscuitsDonations taken for CAGLyndsey, Patrica CaverosOct TBA
Transport:Seeking volunteers for these actions(not Colin, Jim, Chris)
Bikes – cycle paths – sustransXR transport campaign. Town development plan, road across the railway potentially for cycling. Government cycling scheme.
Bike Hub – ‘broken spoke’ Reopened – repair cycle shop, buy a second hand bike, or donate a bike. Volunteer work. In Oxford, potentially look into it for Banbury.  
Reviving ‘Banbury Car Club’ projectCar parked in a public space and can be booked for anyone. Zipcar (purchase 2-3 cars for the scheme) Enterprise rent a car (where to park). Train station didn’t communicate.
Oxfordshire Council transport plan, 
Low Carbon Hub, Banbury Shed has a grant to put solar panels on the shed. Project on hold whilst shed is Covid closed.
Update WebsiteLyndsey is working on this, needs support, Steph unfortunately doesn’t have time
Update LeafletSteph and Harriet willing to work on thisSteph, Harriet
Feedback from Tooley’s Yard consultationConsultants looking into the Tooleys Yard outcomes/plan. No update on their websiteHarriet 
Sunrise MCP – collaboration
Maria Holden explained how she would like to help Banbury CAG publicise our events/activities/workshops with her community at Sunrise MultiCultural Project (working mainly with Banbury’s Pakistani community). If CAG shared leaflets/events for projects she can hand these out to people within the community.Maria’s youth group has attended Bridge St community Garden in the past. Done food workshops. Cooking and food/gardening related activities would be of interest.Friendship festival, Skills Share and swap. 
Secretary RoleAdvertise on Facebook, Newsletter and Oxfordshire Volunteers.Lyndsey has put together a job description (effectively a secretary for these meetings).Harriett concerns we need someone to monitor the CAG mailbox.Next steps, Harriett to circulate draft, we to annotate if we feel items are essential/ nice to have / we volunteer for them

CAG OxfordshireInvited to speak at our meetings to provide insight, there AGM is in July (Harriett is planning to attend AGM)Lyndsey
Browning Road OrchardPruning has been effective on the trees, and an Apple day is planned for late September. Colin reported the orchard is having best year so far (helped by pruning and mulching)Colin to get in touch with Hilary for equipment, we will need to find apple pressing equipment.ColinSeptember 27th or October 4th
Email ListsEmail addresses for those to be contacted for each meeting. Steph is configuring a MailChimp List for this.There is also a longer (old) list of all our contacts approximately 200 peopleNew List (the people on this call)Proposal, send out a request to all those on the Full list to have them request to be a free member on the new list, or do they just want to be on a contact list.The members segment of the new contact list will receive the agendas, meeting invites etc.After that we cannot use the old list under GDPR.Steph
Produce Event
Urban GiftersEmma Lousie Giles contacted us to promote her websiteLyndsey
Time is NowVirtual lobby with Victoria Prentice.  20 people turned up for the 30 minute lobby zoom meeting.  Not that productive in terms of concrete actions but at least she did engage with the constituents.  Did mention a local organisation WRAP about recycling.Colin had a question about what happens with Banbury recycling now it doesn’t go to China.Colin to check with Fred about recycling.