Banbury Community Action Group

BCAG July ’21 catch-up

6th July, 2021

Chair:          Jim                       

Minutes:    Harriet

Present:      Jim S, Lynda S, Harriet J, Zsofi B, Jill B, Chris M, Ian, Estelle; guest: Jenny Figueiredo, OCC


Thanks to Jenny for a very informative presentation about the County Council’s initiative to install EV charging points in car parks in Banbury. 

Jenny stressed that EV’s were NOT being given priority over active travel and public transport options. 

The County is preparing for the inevitable shift to EV’s with the end of ICE cars by 2030.  Perception of lack of reliable public charging options is one of the main reasons (above cost and lifestyle issues) given for people not changing now to EV.  Many homes do not have the option of charging on their own driveway.  On street chargers are very expensive to install and add street clutter.  The County, with Central Govnt funding, is moving forward with a programme to instal charging points in DC owned carparks for overnight charging.  The Bicester pilot is already live.  The timetable for Banbury is an October install and a winter launch.

More info at


1. Agenda item I   Welcome, introductions and apologies                                                  Jim

Apologies for absence received from Colin S.  Welcome to Estelle and Ian.

2. Agenda item II   Matters arising from June meeting, 01/06                                            Jim

Lynda confirmed that costs of Repair Café insurance would be covered by CAG Ox for events held this year.

Harriet wrote to Paul Almond, Banbury Town Council, to make the case for the People’s Park Community Garden continuing in this use.  His verbal reply was hopeful.

BCAG supplied marshals for the Cherwell Theatre Company production 5th June: arranged through Jim.  A fun event and a donation to BCAG.

3.  Agenda item III   BCAG admin                                                                                               Jim

Totals of hours spent on BCAG business and projects for June were recorded; total hours are submitted annually to Oxfordshire CAG.

4.  Agenda item IV   Treasurer’s report                                                                                Lynda

Very good news: thanks to Lynda’s powers of persuasion, BSCG now has a water supply.  Cost £130.

Lynda is coordinating efforts to secure money for a BSCG project officer.  The PO will bring back the programme of regular events at the Garden, and will find funding streams to pay for a part-time Garden manager who can maximise community use of the Garden space.

5. Agenda item V   Social media, Newsletter, publicity                               Harriet/Jim/Zsofi

The June Update and News was sent out on 11th.

6. Agenda item VI   Bridge Street Community Garden  BSCG                                        Lynda

Lynda has been in touch with Brian Collins to see if CDC can arrange for the grass to be cut and the water tank filled by their contractors.  She will meet with the contractors to discuss access.

Harvest @ Home delivered 2 tons of compost to the Garden and arranged a ‘help yourself’ session.  Discussions are ongoing as to possibilities of H@H linking up to use the Garden.

Lynda has been going to the Garden on Saturday mornings and having someone there clearly acts as a focus with plenty of people engaging and making very positive comments about how good it is to have the space.  It has become obvious that a paid position is required to maximise use of the resource, and to coordinate volunteers.

Welcome to those families taking on beds.

ü  Lynda to organize a work party for repairing beds and clearing shed.

7. Agenda item VII  Banbury Active Transport Supporters group (BCAG-led project)  Zsofi

Jim suggested BCAG purchase stickers to help promote the 20’s Plenty campaign work.

George Bennet from Bicester BUG has provided very useful help, sharing his experience from the Bicester LCWIP process.  The Bicester LCWIP is in place but limited funds prevent the improvements recommended from being implemented.  Bicester BUG check planning applications for new developments, to ensure the latter are in line with the Plan.

8. Agenda item VII   Browning Road Orchard BRO                                                        Colin

No update this month.

9. Agenda item IX    Biodiversity Project                                                                       Harriet

The BCAG / Cherwell Swifts Conservation Project event is fully booked (places limited to 20 at request of Town Council).  Date 7/7, venue: People’s Park Community Garden.  Chris Mason, local expert on swifts, will lead the walk.

BCAG will have space at the Banbury Playday organised by CDC Wellbeing team.  Harriet, Lynda and Zsofi will attend – others welcome.  28/7.

10. Agenda item X     Climate Action COP26                                                                      Jill

Jill has been concentrating on ideas for the FoE Big Green Week, 18th-26th Sept designed to engage with the public in the run up to COP26.  There will be an event 18/9 Broad Street, Oxford; 22/9 is to be a No Car day; the Quakers are running a Climate Café; XR are holding an extinct species animal mask march 18/9. 

It was suggested that BCAG could arrange/support a cycling/walking event as part of the Week, to key in with the BATS work.

ü  Jill to continue to take the lead on this; ideas from everyone welcome.

ü Dale is also involved with the Big Green Week and will share thoughts and resources with BCAG.


Agreed it would be good to hold an outdoor Give & Take event.  Possibly 14th or 21st August.

ü  Jim to check if our ‘repairers’ would be free, and to ask Orinocco if they have any ‘repairers’ who might like to join in.


Tuesday 3rd August, 7pm, Zoom.