Banbury Community Action Group

Spring Home Composting Tips

This article, written by a master composter from Banbury, appeared in the April edition of Four Shires Magazine.

“As a Master Composter I know home composting is a great place to start getting your garden ready for summer. Now is an ideal time to begin – make a bin from wooden pallets or look on freecycle for offers of free bins.

What to add to your bin-

  • Give your garden a spring clean and empty any old pots before starting planting for the season – old compost can be put back into the compost bin
  • Dead, unwanted stems, leaves and Spring pruned hardier shrubs can all be added to the bin
  • Weed cleared from ponds can be used to combat dry compost bins.
  • If you are clearing out old bank statements and bills, shred and add them to your compost, they will help the compost process by creating air pockets.
  • Coffee grounds, fruit and vegetable peelings and crushed egg shells are all ideal for the compost bin.

Aim for a 50/50 mix of greens (veg peelings, fruit scraps, grass cuttings) and browns (egg boxes, tissues and kitchen paper), this makes great compost and keep adding to the top of the bin as the material at the bottom matures.

Remember that compost is much better on the garden than stored in a compost bin so start using it and make space for the new seasons contributions!

Whether you are green fingered, or new to the garden, you should keep an eye out for Banbury Community Action Group events. The volunteer group are running community orchards, Incredible Edible events and community gardens. Perfect if you want to meet people, help the community and learn new skills.”