Banbury Community Action Group

Give or take and more 3

Last Saturday marked Banbury CAG’s third Give or Take. The event, held at the Methodist Church in Marlborough Road, Banbury was attended by 134 local residents and proved a great success. Visitors were encouraged to bring items that they no longer needed, or take items they would like. All of the items brought by residents were weighed in, so we can say that the event saved over 220kg of waste from landfill, which also saved 827kg of Co2.

Visit Banbury, Affordable Warmth, Fairtrade Banbury, Master Composters, the Councils Recycling team, Banbury Freegle and Banbury Community Organisers all came along too, updating visitors on next events and lots of talk about making a difference in Banbury.

All sorts of items were given by visitors at the event, from the standard crockery and Lego bricks, to espresso machines and yoghurt makers. Most of the items were taken on the day, with the rest donated to the British Heart Foundation shop in Banbury.