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Banbury Active Travel Supporters (BATS) is a project set up by Banbury Community Action Group (BCAG), keen to promote cycling, walking, and clean air in Banbury. We are looking for others who share our aims, to join us.

BATS wants to see safe pavements and cycle lanes provided as through routes in Banbury, so that more people can choose to leave the car at home. Fewer cars on Banbury roads will also mean cleaner air: at present, in places Banbury has some of the most polluted roads in Oxfordshire.

We are already in contact with very helpful people at Sustrans (the main UK cycling charity), at Oxfordshire Cycling Network, Oxfordshire’s Coalition for Healthy Streets and Active Travel, and at Cherwell District Council and Oxfordshire County Council.

It is clear that Banbury needs an Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) in order to guide improvements and attract funding for active travel. The County Council is responsible for highways, and for creating an LCWIP, but the more support and information we, as Banbury residents, can provide, the sooner it will happen.

Considerable work has already been done on which we can build, such as the excellent Sustrans cycle plan for Banbury, written back in 2009 but never implemented, and the more recent Ideas map from Banbury Star Cycling Club.

This is a campaign not just for cyclists and walkers, but for anyone concerned about air quality, the safety of our streets, reduction of traffic congestion and noise, and a healthier population generally.

It would be great if you could share suggestions for;
1) other groups we could approach to consult and work with;
2) ‘quick wins’, ie. places where roads could easily and cheaply be made safer for cyclists and pedestrians, and improvement tasks that would not require a substantial budget;
3) safe cycle and walking routes in Banbury – bearing in mind that the most popular destinations are schools, rail station, bus station, shops and leisure centres.

If those of you who walk or cycle in and around the town – or who don’t cycle around the town but would like to – wish to have a say in advance of our survey, then please do feel free to send us your comments: we’d really like to hear from you!


Families Active Sporting Together (FAST) Cycling / walking routes in Banbury

Banbury Fringe, 10 mile Circular Walk


  1. I Dooley

    I Would love to walk along Bloxham Rd OX169JR without being splashed by mud from speeding articulated lorries, as would many other pedestrians, cyclists, families and dog walkers.
    I believe this road may be due for resurfacing, however more
    tree planting, bollards to deter lorries driving on the footpaths could make the experience a better quality of life for all of us!
    I wonder if we could campaign for a cleaner quieter road with a Speed Camera?
    Even bolder, reduce the legal speed limit to 20 near the five schools nearby
    Like Bloxham itself?
    thank you

  2. jane rogers

    A quick update: Cherwell District Council have now commissioned an LCWIP, and a number of us are volunteering to walk and cycle various key routes in Banbury which need improving to make them safer and more accessible. Please do get in touch if you would like to help. The LCWIP will be put out to public consultation in July, so then is your chance to comment and give feedback.

  3. Richard Sykes

    A couple of questions:
    i. Does BATS have a view on ASLs? They’re a mixed blessing, but arguably a visible commitment to prioritising cyclists’ safety. I can’t think of any in Banbury.

    ii. Is BATS pressing for the introduction of more cycle parking stations in the town centre and at parks, and other leisure locations? There don’t seem to be many. And they’re certainly not routinely provided, even in smaller numbers, at some places one might expect to find them. As one example – Grimsbury Community Centre has been a vaccination point in the last several months. When I cycled to my first appointment I had to lock my bike to a tree. Not a cycle rack to be seen.

    When I contacted CD&SNC in April 2019 about the lack of bike racks I had a reply from Tom Duckham which included the following:

    ‘I’m sorry you were unable to find any bike racks, unfortunately a recent scheme by Oxfordshire County Council to improve the paving surrounding the trees in the town centre meant that most of our bike racks were removed. The new flexi-pave system which was installed isn’t suitable to anchor/fix the racks back in, therefore we need to find new areas suitable to house replacement bike racks.

    I’m sourcing products and will ensure more racking is installed in the town centre in the coming weeks.’

    Does anybody know of new bike racks installed in Banbury since April 2019?

  4. Simon Park

    Although not highways related, there is a new installation at Banbury Railway Station of two tier secure racks and a pump and tool station. This is a significant improvement on the previous racks and could be used to securely park up as the station is central to the Town.


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