Banbury Community Action Group

Green Hearts Please

All the art and crafty people of Banbury Will you help us…… show the love?

We need you to create, in whatever medium you wish, green hearts, and to send us photos of your beautiful creations!We need them to reach us by Valentine’s Day

Why? so we can show the love for all those things we want to protect from the worst impacts of the climate crisis.We want to use the power of green hearts and add our voices to all those asking decision makers to take urgent action to tackle the climate crisis.

As a nation we’re co-hosting the UN Climate Summit in November (COP26): the UK must show leadership by ensuring we’re right on track to a cleaner, greener world that works for everyone.

We plan to send a message to Victoria Prentis, our MP, asking her to champion climate action. And of course, we want to send it to her with your green hearts. We’d like to ask her to show her support by signing The Climate Coalition’s Declaration for a Healthy, Green and Fair Tomorrow.You can sign it too at

Want some inspiration to get your artwork underway? There’s loads of gorgeous examples of what other people are doing, and plenty of downloadable stuff and resources on The Climate Coalition’s site