Banbury Community Action Group

December 2019 Meeting Notes

Summary Minutes

Welcome / IntroductionsPam, Margo, Tila , Alex, Lynda, Joy, Steph,
Aseem (notes)
ApologiesHarry & Lyndsey
Banbury Trees – PlantingTila has managed to source funding from OVO Energy and worked with ‘Oxfordshire Trees for Future’. Tila would like to collaborate with B-CAG on future projects. AB to seek advice about facilitating ‘Banbury Trees’ under the B-CAG umbrella.
Bridge Street Community Garden Pam & Margo raised concerns about the rubbish and security due to vandalism and seating. Lynda suggested follow up at the Bridge St Community meeting. 
B-CAG NewsletterGood news as Harriet & Steph (new editorial team) now have access to the email & Mailchimp accounts and will be looking to distribute the 1st edition in January 2020. Margo fed back that the previous newsletters were a bit  too ‘newsy’.
Cherwell LotteryAseem to follow up with Lorraine (passwords etc)
Storage (Apple Press / publicity materials)Lynda to discuss with Harry.
BCAG meeting venue As ‘No.4’ was no longer trading, Lynda contacted Gilbert at The Old Auctioneer, who agreed we could hold the meetings there instead. In future the meetings will be held upstairs, as its quieter. Action: BCAG leaflet/website to be updated.
Following meetingAs there aren’t usually any meetings in January, the next B-CAG meeting will take place on 5-2-2020